Frequently Asked Questions

What is alto?

All New Alto is a Pakistani manufactures 660cc compact kie car with fuel efficiency and all required features.

The all new Alto tops off all your aspirations offering space, comfort and unmatched fuel efficiency.

Go for the all New Alto – It’s worth the wait!

How much is warranty?

Alto warranty is 3 years or 60,000 kms, which ever come first.

What is included in Alto warranty?

Alto warranty covers Engine warranty, suspension warranty and electric parts warranty.

What is R-Series engine

R-Series engine is a modern technological engine with high fuel efficiency, weight reduction, and best compression ratio.

What is difference between Pakistan Alto and imported JDM cars?

Locally made Alto is equipped with Zero meter R-series engine, 3 years or 60,000 kms warranty, good ground clearance and nationwide dealership network for availability of parts and other aftersales services while on other side imported vehicles have unsure history with tampered mileage, non-reliable auction sheet, unavailability of parts with high price and lower ground clearance.

What is ABS brake?

Anti-Lock Brake system is a safety anti-skid braking system, it increases the braking efficiency compared to traditional non ABS brakes.

What are features of VX?

VX is offered with power steering, R-Series fuel efficient engine, Heater and Fan.

How can I book Alto?

Alto booking can be done via Suzuki Authorized dealerships or by visiting booking offices or by logging on Make A Booking

How many variants are available in alto?

Alto has 3 variants Vx, VXR and VXL.

What are the differences in variants

VX: Non A/c with entertainment system

VXR: A/C and dual Airbags

VXL: Auto Gear Shift, A/C, Anti-lock Brake System, Dual Air bags, Power windows, power mirrors, Retractable mirrors, Touch screen infotainment system and dual tone interior color.

What is common in all three variants?

Power Steering, R- Series engine, Exterior and fuel efficiency.

What is Auto gear shift (AGS)?

Auto Gear Shift is a type of manual gear shift which automatically changes gear ratios, it provides more fuel efficiency and also able to drive with dual ways either automatically or manually dependence on users choice.

What are the features of touch screen infotainment system?

Touch screen infotainment system is equipped with Screen mirroring function, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM, Radio, Photo viewer, BT calling and time display with dates.

What are the features of VXR?

VXR is offered with Power steering, A/C, Heater, Fan, excellent interior/exterior design, 4 cup holders and dual Air bags.

What are the features of VXL?

VXL is offered with Auto gear shift, Foot rest, A/C, Dual tone interior color, ABS brakes, Touch screen infotainment system, power windows, power steering, 4 seat belts, 4 cup holders, power mirrors and retractable mirrors.

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